Ex-INC officer’s ‘partner’ nabbed in Cebu over adultery complaint


Source: posted June 27, 2019 at 11:40 pm , by Manila Standard

Aedtnavye Juntilla “AJ” Lazo, the co-accused and alleged mistress of expelled Iglesia Ni Cristo evangelical worker Lowell Menorca II, was nabbed in Cebu last June 22 for her failure to attend the mandatory court hearing in her adultery case, according to authorities.

Aedtnavye Juntilla “AJ” Lazo was taken into police custody by virtue of an arrest warrant issued by Judge Romeo Rabaca of the Manila Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 25.

She was a “no-show” at the arraignment and pre-trial for the adultery case filed against her and Menorca by David Flores, Lazo’s estranged husband. Flores filed the adultery complaint three years ago after discovering the affair between the two paramours.

According to Flores, he himself introduced Menorca and Lazo to each other about 2-3 months into his marriage. Menorca, according to court records, is considered “at large” and a fugitive from justice after he secretly fled the country in 2016. He is facing a string of libel cases apart from the adultery charge.

Lowell II Robosa Menorca has eventually settled in Canada where he was granted Refugee Protection status in 2018. Reports indicate his wife and child remain in the country and Menorca has not made efforts for them to join him abroad.

Back in 2017, Menorca already knew how to secure approval from Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), “Your task as a refugee claimant is to give them proof that the country you came from can’t provide you with the security and safety that you need. That’s where they’ll bombard you with questions – what level of effort did you go through, did you seek state protection, things like that,” Menorca told Rappler in an interview.

Both public and private prosecutors handling the adultery case called on Menorca to “face the music and join his co-accused in court,” hinting that he unfairly abandoned his mistress to fend for her own in facing the criminal charge.

AJ, the woman with Menorca in all the pictures spreading all over social media, admitted as much (see excerpts from the Rappler article below). Therefore, while Menorca was betraying the INC, he was also betraying his wife Jinky, whom he was married to since 2012,  and betraying his long-time acquaintance Davis Flores, the husband of his lover.

APRIL 2015 was when Lowell Menorca started his Antonio Ebangelista blogs. He was already married to Jinky Otsuka then, which is why a number of his A.E. false claims involved Japan and were translated into Japanese.

Antonio Ebangelista (Menorca) cannot make the excuse that his illicit affair with a married woman was long ago in his past. Menorca obviously prides himself in his ability to talk his way out of things. When the affair with the married woman began in 2008, it was 9 years after he had already entered the ministry and 4 years after he had taken oath as an evangelical worker. And it continued even when he himself was already married and blogging against immorality and injustice.

From the Rappler article dated February 12, 2016:

Expelled INC member Lowell Menorca accused of adultery

“He also said that Lazo herself admitted having an “illicit affair” with the ex-INC minister after he confronted her in September 2015.

“She was completely shattered and had to finally admit to me that she and respondent Menorca began their illicit affair since 2008 and which continued up to – and obviously after – that confrontation. Instead of asking for forgiveness, she deserted our home and lived elsewhere in an apartment reportedly owned or rented by her paramour: respondent Menorca,” Flores added.