Canadians are all too familiar with the looming feeling of the April 30th deadline to submit taxes. For many, especially newcomers, students, and seniors, the process seems elusive and daunting, and even more so as new rules are being implemented year to year. Many resorts to paying a professional tax service with their hard-earned dollars; the price to pay for the assurance that their taxes are filed correctly.

This is where Nimalan Balachandran, founder and CEO of CloudTax, saw a problem and created a solution. As a former Canada Revenue Agency employee, Nimalan has been witness to the stress and anxiety that tax season imposes onto hard-working Canadians, which is why many are willing to pay out of pocket for tax services. However, CloudTax is the app that has changed the tax game as we know it.

CloudTax is a web- and mobile-friendly app that acts as a multi-tiered service for all your tax needs. If you are a non-business taxpayer with a simple income tax return, this do-it-yourself (DIY) tax filing service is (drumroll, please) absolutely free! Balachandran was inspired in creating this resource by the idea of empowerment — as he was once a newcomer to Canada, he knows how beneficial CloudTax could be to teach others the fundamental basics of filing taxes.

CloudTax Pro is the paid-service extension of this innovative app, intended for business clients or self-employed individuals who wish to have their taxes reviewed and packaged by a qualified CPA — all through the convenience of an app.

In today’s modern world of ever-changing advancements and technological developments, the key to adapting is knowing the power of your resources. This concept of empowerment has become the basis and inspiration for soon-to-be household name Nimalan Balachandran in creating and developing CloudTax — an app that is the ultimate resource for all Canadians to gain assurance and confidence with their tax-related needs and to shine a light on the once dark times of tax season.

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