Free Nursing & Medical Professional Web Conference Friday, June 2

Free Nursing & Medical Professional Web Conference Friday, June 2

Do you know a newcomer in Canada who is looking to get into the Nursing & Medical Profession?

Canadian Immigrant and ACCES Employment proudly present a FREE one-stop web industry-specific virtual web conference series connecting newcomers in Canada with information and inspiration to launch into their dream careers.

Happening Friday, this FREE 90-minute event will discuss career development, education and aspects of settlement you need to succeed on your journey in Canada.

Don’t forget to register to save your spot as space is limited!Friday at 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time!

As a newcomer support worker, ACCESS Employment is thrilled to offer an updated Nursing & Medical Professional Web Conference for Internationally Educated professionals.

In addition to this webinar, several other web conferences are offered for internationally educated professionals including Engineering, Technicians and Technologists (July 13), Lawyers & Legal Professionals (July 27), Accountants (August 17), IT Professionals (Sept 14), Starting your own business (Sept 28) and Hiring Trends & Interview Prep (Oct 12).