Canada welcomes over 13,500 new Canadians during Citizenship Week 

2023 May 29

Ottawa—Every year, Citizenship Week is a chance to celebrate new citizens and all that it means to be Canadian.

The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, is proud to announce that, over the past week, Canada hosted 105 citizenship ceremonies and welcomed more than 13,500 new Canadians to all provinces and territories. This was nearly double the average of new Canadians welcomed per week throughout the year.

Minister Fraser attended citizenship ceremonies in Halifax and Vancouver, where he welcomed new Canadians and highlighted Canada’s tradition of supporting vulnerable people and the role and responsibilities that Canadian citizenship entails.

Citizenship ceremonies are an emotional and meaningful experience for those receiving their citizenship, for their friends and family, and for all those who have the chance to take part in these momentous occasions.