City of Toronto encourages residents to participate in regional transportation planning survey

2023 April 13

Starting this week, Toronto residents will be among the approximately half a million households receiving invitations to participate in the second phase of the Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS). 

The first phase of the survey took place last fall with more than 1.2 million households in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and surrounding areas invited to participate.

With a partnership between 25 funding agencies including the City of Toronto, the TTC, the Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx and other municipalities, the TTS is a voluntary travel study looking at the travel habits and preferences of area residents. Results from the survey will help the City, the TTC and the Province make transportation planning and investment decisions that best serve Torontonian’s wide range of travel patterns and preferences.

Randomly selected households in Toronto will receive an official invitation in the mail informing them they have been selected to take part in the survey. The letter will provide households with a secure access code and more information about the survey. Households can participate by accessing the survey website , or by calling the survey hotline at 1-877-216-7786.

The survey will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Questions will focus on travel information for each household member, including origin, destination, time, reason for travel and mode of transport as well as general demographic questions.

The survey gathers information from residents from all walks of life who use every mode of transportation – including people who drive, take public transit, cycle and walk – regardless of how many trips they took.

Residents who did not make any trips can still participate in the survey, as this helps build a snapshot of the travel patterns of the general population. All survey responses are anonymous and will be combined with other responses to identify travel patterns.

A third-party research firm is conducting the survey, which will run until June 2023 with the results expected to be released in 2024. The Transportation Tomorrow Survey has been administered every five years since 1986.

More information can be found on the Transportation Tomorrow Survey website .