Getting Canadians the dental care they need

2023 March 31

No one should have to choose between taking care of their teeth and paying their bills. Budget 2023 will help millions of Canadians see a dentist and provide much-needed relief for families.

The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Everyone should be able to put good food on their tables and see a dentist when they need to. But many Canadians are struggling with the impacts of global inflation, which is making the cost of living a real challenge. That’s why we acted last year to provide targeted support to those who need it most – and Budget 2023 continues to deliver much-needed relief.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today highlighted how Budget 2023—A Made-in-Canada Plan: Strong Middle Class, Affordable Economy, Healthy Future will help people get the dental care they need and make life more affordable for Canadians.

By the end of this year, we will begin rolling out the Canadian Dental Care Plan. The plan will be fully implemented by 2025, providing dental coverage for up to nine million Canadians. This was supported by an investment in Budget 2023 of $13 billion over five years starting in 2023-24, and $4.4 billion in ongoing, permanent funding. These investments build on the launch of the Canada Dental Benefit for kids last year, which has already helped more than 250,000 kids across Canada get the dental care they need and deserve.

To deliver better health care for Canadians, the federal government is also increasing health investments by more than $198 billion over 10 years and working with the provinces and territories to get people access to family health care teams, clear backlogs, and support front-line health care workers.

Budget 2023 lays out our plan to continue to be there for people when they need it most, make life more affordable, and build a healthy future for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.