Liberal Rechie Valdez won the election in Mississauga-Streetsville riding

Liberal Rechie Valdez won the election in Mississauga-Streetsville riding

Voters in Mississauga-Streetsville have elected Liberal Rechie Valdez,  a creative entrepreneur & leader with a drive to empower the community.

In her speech before her supporters, she said, “I believe constituents of Mississauga-Streetsville have made their choice to move forward with the Liberal Party because we are focused on ensuring we are taking care of our middle-class families, we’re focused on affordable housing and $10-a-day daycare… a lot of the choices they made were really to help us move forward through this pandemic.”

Navdeep Bains, the National Campaign Co-Chair for the Liberal Party of Canada, during her nomination said Valdez will focus on building new engagement with Canadians and continue to work hard to keep Canada moving forward.



Province: Ontario
Population (2016): 118,300 residents
Population density: 2548 pop./km²
Median household income: $103 062


Rechie Valdez has lived in Mississauga since she was a child and attended St. Joseph Secondary School. An entrepreneur with expertise in marketing, she spent 15 years in the world of corporate banking. She has done fundraising for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, and advocates for women and girls’ basketball.


By: Tess de Jesus, September 21, 2021