Prime Minister announces the upcoming retirement of Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet Janice Charette

2023 May 30

Janice Charette has had an outstanding career as a public servant, which has earned her great respect and recognition both nationally and internationally. I am especially grateful for her advice and leadership as interim Clerk and then Clerk of the Privy Council, where she helped navigate Canada’s recovery out of the pandemic and provided steady leadership to the Canadian public service. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours

The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet, Janice Charette, will retire from the public service, effective June 24, 2023.

The Prime Minister congratulated Ms. Charette on her upcoming retirement and thanked her for her nearly 40 year-long career in service of Canada and Canadians, including as the second woman to serve as Clerk of the Privy Council. To honour and recognize her exceptional contribution to public service, Ms. Charette will be appointed as a member of the King’s Privy Council for Canada prior to her retirement.