Protests Erupt Across Canada Over Federal Carbon Price Increase 

2024 April 2

Anger swept through various parts of Canada on Monday as citizens took to the streets in protest against Ottawa’s recent hike in the federal carbon price. The $15-per-tonne increase, bringing the levy to $80 per tonne, elicited strong reactions nationwide. 

Demonstrators, including Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, gathered outside gas stations and government buildings, decrying the hike as a burden on already strained household budgets. Poilievre labeled the increase a “cruel April Fool’s Day joke” on Canadians. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended the hike, citing larger rebate cheques for citizens, set to be distributed on April 15. However, protesters argued that the increase only added to their financial woes. 

Protests disrupted traffic on major highways, including the Trans-Canada Highway, as demonstrators demanded the abolition of the carbon tax. Some provinces, such as Alberta, witnessed additional hikes in fuel taxes, further stoking public discontent. 

While Trudeau urged provinces to devise their own plans to address carbon emissions, opposition leaders continued to rally against the federal policy. Poilievre, in particular, made the carbon price a focal point of his campaign, holding rallies across the country. 

As tensions rise over the carbon price hike, calls for dialogue between federal and provincial leaders intensify, with Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Andrew Furey advocating for an emergency meeting to explore alternative solutions.