The Government of Canada funds research on Francophone immigration

2023 November 8

Toronto, Ontario  Francophone immigration plays an important role in the development and prosperity of Francophone communities outside Quebec. Canada therefore intends to increase its efforts to welcome more Francophone immigrants in these communities. 

Today, the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced nearly $85,000 in financial assistance for the Université de l’Ontario français, which will support the implementation of the Observatoire en immigration francophone au Canada. Minister Miller made this announcement during the observatory’s opening ceremony, at the Centre francophone du Grand Toronto. 

The funding will enable the creation of an oversight committee composed of university and community representatives that will support the work of key players in the Francophone immigration sector. Their goal will be to define and validate the observatory’s mission, objectives and governance model. The project will take stock of the various groups’ concerns related to Francophone immigration research. 

This increased knowledge and understanding of the realities of Francophone immigration will enable the Government of Canada to better direct its efforts in the area of Francophone immigration. Part of the funding will be dedicated to developing a survey on Francophone immigration research needs in Canada, which will be conducted with the community and academia. The survey results will guide the observatory’s research plan and help meet the research needs and priorities of the key players in Francophone immigration. 

French-speaking newcomers contribute to our country’s cultural and linguistic diversity, while helping to strengthen the economy of the communities where they settle. Canada is continuing its efforts to promote Francophone immigration outside Quebec, a key priority for the coming years.