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Makapuno seen to boost eco-tourism in Alabat, Quezon province

Toronto, Ontario — Wonderful things happen when people work together. Such is the essence of the project called the Makapuno Industry Agri-Business and Investment Promotion, which is the result of a collaboration of multiple Philippine government agencies. The project aims to invite overseas investors, especially in Canada, to fund the plantation of Makapuno trees on 111...


Calls to eat more plants, less meat also in line with food guide: McKenna

OTTAWA — A high−profile call to eat more plants and less meat in order to combat global warming is directly in line with Canada’s new food guide, which extols the health benefits of precisely such a change in diet, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Friday. Standing in front of a cornfield at Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm, McKenna...


New federal food guide may be ‘out of reach’ for most Canadians:report

The fruit-and-vegetable-heavy fare touted in the new federal food guide may be too expensive — or perhaps just not enticing enough — to easily form the basis of most Canadians’ diets, a new report suggests. Researchers at Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph found over 52 per cent of consumers surveyed said they face barriers...