Seattle Church brings aid to local residents & community programs

‘Aid to Humanity’ in Seattle, U.S. Outreach Event Continues to Offer Free Aid from Felix Y. Manalo Foundation

 AUGUST 15 (SEATTLE) – Over 550 residents gathered in Othello Playground received free resources during an Aid to Humanity event hosted by the Felix Y. Manalo (FYM) Foundation, the charitable arm of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ). Free care packages of food, back to school supplies and basic necessities were offered to residents, along with a free meal and entertainment. Next door to the event venue, is the INC house of worship of the congregation in Seattle.

Eight local organizations were honoured by the FYM Foundation during the Aug. 14 event’s Presentation of Donations, to support their positive social impact in the Seattle area. Each organization received a $5,000 donation.

“This fund goes to purchase move-in kits for people transitioning from long term homelessness. This is huge in setting people up for success. To sum things up, we are bowled over by the FYM Foundation’s generosity, and we look forward to turning this event into a lasting partnership,” said donation recipient Don Rupp, Volunteer and InKind Gifts Manager of Downtown Emergency Service (DESC).

Beneficiaries included: Filipino American Educators of Washington, Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC), STEM Paths Innovation Network (SPIN), Austin Foundation, Emerson Tiny Tots, SUGM Queens Academy, Southeast Seattle Education Coalition, and the Seattle Police Foundation (Community Outreach Program).

The ceremony acknowledged the presence of distinguished guests: Tammy Morale, Seattle City 2nd District; and Attorney Girmay Zahilay, Candidate for Council Member District 2 King County.

Seattle is one of eight regions in the U.S. serviced by the FYM Foundation’s Aid to Humanity this August. The outreach series started in New York, continued in Washington, D.C., and will continue in Tennessee, Arizona, Northern and Southern California.

Earlier this year, Aid to Humanity events helped 36 local organizations in Canada, serving thousands in need along the way, as part of its global aim to provide opportunities for those most in need, and contribute to supporting peaceful and productive communities. Other projects include eco-farming in Africa and the distribution of basic supplies to residents of favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Volunteers of the foundation have also offered relief aid in the aftermath of natural calamities, such as hurricanes and earthquakes in the Philippines and other disaster-stricken areas. —Courtesy of INC Public Information Office