Scarborough Health Network (SHN) rolls out COVID-19 vaccines for eligible Scarborough residents

2021 April 1: Scarborough Health Network (SHN) and several health and community partners have come together to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine across Scarborough to keep the communities safe and healthy.

Eligibility for vaccines

All parts of the vaccination program depend on vaccine supply and direction from the Ontario government. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has developed a prioritization framework that indicates who is eligible to receive a vaccine.

View full details on the Ministry’s prioritization framework, including role definitions for Highest Priority, Very High Priority, High Priority, and Moderate Priority.


CURRENTLY vaccinating

Scarborough Health Network (SHN), health, and community partners are currently vaccinating those who live in Scarborough, OR work at a health care facility in Scarborough, OR receive care from a primary care physician or specialist in Scarborough.

  • Adults from Scarborough who are or will be 60 years of age and older this year (born in 1961 or earlier)
  • All Indigenous adults
  • Eligible health care workers, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s guidance on Health Care Worker Prioritization, who work at a health care facility in Scarborough
  • Adult chronic home care clients from Scarborough
  • Faith leaders from Scarborough who are at higher risk of exposures (e.g. end of life care, care of deceased, home visits, care in health care and vulnerable settings)
  • Adults with a chronic health condition who are or will be 50 years of age and older this year (born in 1971 or earlier), AND who live in Scarborough or are receiving care from a primary care physician or specialist in Scarborough
    This includes the following health condition levels:

    • Highest risk: organ or stem cell transplant recipients; neurological disorders where respiratory function is compromised, hematological malignancies, or an eGFR less than 30
    • High risk: obesity, immunosuppressed, and those with intellectual or developmental disabilities
    • At-risk: immune deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, stroke, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, diabetes, liver disease, all cancers, spleen problems, respiratory disease, heart disease, hypertension mental illness disorder, substance use disorder, thalassemia, pregnancy immunocompromising health conditions, or any other disability requiring community support

* IMPORTANT: Patients with a chronic health condition will need to bring a doctor’s note or any medication related to their health condition. Patients who do not live in Scarborough, but receive care from a Scarborough-based primary care physician or specialist, will need to identify the name of their physician and bring their medications or pharmacy medication list that confirms who their physician is.

Getting a second dose

 Book a vaccination appointment at the clinic online:

If you are part of one of the priority groups listed above AND you are a resident of Scarborough or work at a health care facility in Scarborough or receive care from a primary care physician or specialist in Scarborough, you are eligible to schedule a vaccination appointment at one of our clinic locations.

Should you prefer to register via telephone, please call 1-888-385-1910.

– No walk-ins permitted.
– Only book an appointment for your first dose of the vaccine. An appointment to receive your second dose will be scheduled for you by clinic staff when you come for your first dose.
– Please consult your primary care provider before booking an appointment.
– Do not schedule your appointment if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have answered ‘yes’ to any questions on the COVID-19 Screening.