Oh, The Places You Will Go!

As December comes to a close and the festivities of the season winds down, the new year is always a time of reflection. Along with reflection comes excitement, the excitement of the prospects of what a brand-new year brings, new goals for better health, relationships, career, higher learning and even travel destinations. Some of you may already be taking the time to bask in the warmth of the sands and sea during this holiday season, while many others are making the trek back to our homeland to join the festivities and celebrations of the new year with family and friends. 

As a Filipino-Canadian, consider yourself among one of the most fortunate travellers today. According to Henley Passport Index, the Canadian passport was ranked the fifth most powerful in the world. The more powerful the passport, the more freedom you have to travel, giving holders Visa-free access to many countries, in fact 185. 

As you ponder upon travel destinations for the new year, be bold, be daring and discover new places, because you can! While “there’s no place like home” or you may tout and agree with “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” (a tourism campaign that’s made headlines piquing interest of travellers world-wide), why not make 2019 a year to enjoy the benefit given to you as a Canadian passport holder. Although we’re proud to be Filipinos and all that comes with our heritage and culture, we can also say, we’re proud to be a Canadian, a land that has given us the freedom to access the world.