As schools open, Iglesia Ni Cristo donates PPEs to Prince George’s County, Maryland

As schools open, Iglesia Ni Cristo donates PPEs to Prince George’s County, Maryland

In the past few months of COVID-19, schools across the country have adapted their curricula and use of technology towards “hybrid learning”—a mix of in-person and online instruction.

Many students chose to learn entirely in-person or entirely online this school year. Others spend a couple of days a week in person and the rest at home.


The precise nature of that mix differs significantly from school to school, based on the local rate of COVID-19 transmission, the availability of funds to support new instructional approaches, and students and staff’s willingness to return to school.

These approaches are not constant. Increases in COVID-19 spread have forced some schools in hybrid mode to revert to full-time remote learning, while others and are now slowly transitioning more students to in-person instruction.


Understanding the dire need for Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) of staff and educators who are returning to the ‘new normal, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church of Christ in the District of Washington D.C., Mid-Atlantic reached out to Maryland’s Prince George’s County on March 5, 2021.

Through the auspices of Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, the INC’s humanitarian arm spared no time in delivering care packages which included Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)– masks, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, along with various school supplies.

The staff and educators from Prince George’s County district school board expressed their appreciation for receiving the PPEs.

The provision of the care packages to front liners and educators is one way of furthering the FYM Foundation’s mission–to extend help to those who need them, especially during this global pandemic.

The Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, leads more than 8,000 congregations and teaches the members of the Church’s Christian value of helping their fellowmen, hence sharing the Christian faith.

The Felix Y. Manalo Foundation functions as a charity branch of the Church. It supports socio-economic activities, which target the poor and less fortunate with critical life support resources, including food, water, medicine, shelter resources, clothing, and disaster recovery assistance. This last component requires no prior membership in the Church; the provision helps fellow people when they need help the most.

With an already expansive humanitarian effort worldwide, the Iglesia Ni Cristo is continuing to impact communities in every hemisphere.

  • files from Don Orozco