Mother longs for lost son after joining the militant group

MANILA – Therese Fuentes has been longing for her eldest son.

And like any mother, she would do everything to get him back, even if it means exposing and opening up her private life to the public to be able to reach out to him.

Therese shared in her Facebook account on Sunday (July 5) how her son, who had big dreams and goals in life, ended up traversing an unexpected path.

From the day she gave birth to her son, Frances Ern, Therese looked back at the precious moments she shared with her son.

“For 9 months I carried you in my womb without any complains, always praying that the delivery would be normal and successful. Thanks to God, everything went well, and on March 13, 1999, you were born,” her post stated.

“You’ve been a happy kid. Very playful but a smart one. We had a simple but happy life. You became a big brother after two years and following after, was your little sister. You’ve been so happy and excited; you love her so much. You tried to be the best big brother to her. Our family at that time was grateful and contented,” she continued.

Therese, in her post, said Frances Ern grew up so fast, but they were proud of their son for being intelligent and having big dreams in life.
His son started an important phase in life – going to college to slowly fulfill his goals.

Therese and her husband enrolled Frances Ern at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Sta. Mesa, Manila.

“(When) you started your life in PUP, we thought this is where you can start to build your dreams. As a mother, I was so excited, and you have all the support from us. But I never thought that was also the end of your dreams,” she wrote.

At first, she said Frances Ern was excited every time he would come home from school.

Theresa said she was even more excited to listen to her son and hear about things happening at school.

But all of a sudden, she said, his son changed.

“One day, you came home late. And the next day I saw that there’s no smile on your face. I wonder what happened. You’re not the same Frances that I know. Just three months since you been there but you became different. And one day you did not come home,” Therese said.

Therese was so worried and prayed all night for Frances Ern’s safety.

Then one day, Therese said the news came to her that her son Frances Ern has become a member of the militant youth group, Anakbayan.

She blamed Frances Ern’s friend, whom she named Alex Danday, for what happened to him.

Theresa got the shock of her life when she saw a video of Frances Ern saying, “NPA (New People’s Army) ako (I am an NPA member)”.

“I’ve been horrified, I never expected that it will go that far. Asking myself what happened. Been going on with all the pain, crying for four years, and never know when this hurting (would) stop,” she wrote.

Therese fumed with anger and wanted to scream over both disappointment and fear.

“I want to shout to them, want to tell them all the bad words I know. They never know the hurt they cause,” she said.

Theresa said she doesn’t even know where exactly Frances Ern is now, or what had happened to him.

With all the hurt she feels, she said she thought of other parents who are in the same situation as her.

Therese said she misses hugging her son.

“I miss you son, Frances Ern, and I love you so much. All I pray (is) that God will give us another chance to be a complete family again,” she said.

Therese took the risk of opening up about his son on social media, believing it might be the only way she could reach him.

On Monday, Theresa posted another message on Facebook for her son.

Naalala mo sabi ko sa iyo. Lahat ng tao sa paligid mo mawawala, pero ako at ako ang matitira na mag-aabot ng kamay ko sa iyo para ibangon ka (Remember when I told you, everybody may leave you, but I will remain here by your side, extending my hand to lift you up). I will always here waiting for you to come home. There’s always a way to make things right. Trust me, France, ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo ang hahatak sa iyo sa tama (my love will lead you to the right path). I will never give up I’ll fight for your life,” she wrote. (PNA)