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JULY 1, 2019: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a campaign-style speech focused on his Liberal government’s successes over the last four years as he delivered his Canada Day remarks on Parliament Hill on the country’s 152nd birthday. Speaking to a jovial crowd clad in red and white gathered under a hot sun, Trudeau reminded the assembled masses about last year, when he skipped the festivities...

Canada ready to celebrate 152nd birthday with fireworks and flybys

Canada ready to celebrate 152nd birthday with fireworks and flybys

OTTAWA — The skies will be filled with fireworks and military aircraft today as Canada Day celebrations are held across the country. From Nova Scotia westward to British Columbia the military will soar high above revellers celebrating Canada’s 152nd birthday, showcasing a range of aircraft both new and old including helicopters, Hercules transports, and fighter jets. The Snowbirds are also set...

Euphoria turns to fear after shots fired at massive Raptors victory rally

TORONTO — Hours of anticipation gave way to unbridled euphoria as a sea of Raptors fans greeted the newly crowned NBA champions with cheers, whistles and chants on Monday, but elation quickly turned to fear when gunshots interrupted the celebration in downtown Toronto. Moments after the team emerged on stage during a rally at the end of a victory parade, the sound...

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