IFCNA Holds Basic Life Saving Training for the Personnel of the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto

Toronto, 10 February 2023 – The Philippine Consulate General (PCG) in Toronto had a Basic Life Saving (BLS) training for its personnel, conducted by the Integrated Filipino Canadian Nurses Association (IFCNA) instructors Ms. Doris Barrion and Mr. Jeremy Pantig. Both instructors were awarded by Consul General Orontes V. Castro with certificates of appreciation at the end of the course for the voluntary training they gave to PCG personnel.

Mr. Austine Gaqui, co-founder of IFCNA, and Ms. Jennifer Lopez, current IFCNA president, were also present during the holding of the in-person training. IFCNA offers other related free online courses and reviewers. Its members are also active in volunteering medical assistance during Filipino community events. The IFCNA membership includes Filipino nurses who are retired, practicing or non-practicing, licensed or non-licensed, and nursing graduates of the Philippines and of Canada.

Consul General in Toronto Orontes V. Castro with IFCNA Mr. Austine Gaqui, Ms. Jennifer Lopez, Ms. Doris Barrion and Mr. Jeremy Pantig. Also in the photo are the officers and staff of the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto

The BLS Provider course is a complete in-person experience that includes lectures and video segments. The PCG personnel who joined the BLS Provider course also had the opportunity to avail of hands-on practice and expert coaching for individual and team emergency response scenarios. Each participant was given a chance for immediate skills application with one-on-one feedback during the

The BLS course covered 1-rescuer, 2-rescuer and multi rescuer team cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); adult, child and infant CPR and relief of choking; and the use of an AED, barrier device and bag mask device.

(L-R) PCG personnel are taught by IFCNA volunteer instructors on CPR for adults and for infants

PCG personnel were taught how to recognize a cardiac arrest, activate the emergency response system early and perform high-quality single-rescuer CPR and multi-rescuer team CPR to ensure the best chance of survival for people in cardiac arrest.

In his brief opening remarks, Consul General Castro highlighted the importance of BLS knowledge among the Consulate General’s personnel who provide consular services to Overseas Filipinos and the public. He thanked the IFCNA for sharing their knowledge of BLS to the Consulate Genera’s personnel.

The BLS Provider course is a prerequisite for advanced resuscitation courses and other healthcare-related training programs. A BLS certification is often required for employment in the healthcare field but, it is also most useful for people outside of the healthcare field to aid in emergency response for friends, family and coworkers who are experiencing medical emergencies needing CPR.


Consul General in Toronto Orontes V. Castro presented Certificates of Appreciation to Ms. Doris Barrion and Mr. Jeremy Pantig, with IFCNA Mr. Austine Gaqu and Ms. Jennifer Lopez.

Mr. Jeremy Pantig explaining the BLS technique to the Consulate General’s personnel.