Analyst: ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ hymn sets proper mindset for stronger Philippines

2024 June 17

ATTENTION. Teachers and students during a flag ceremony at a school in Iloilo province in this undated photo. Malacañang has directed all government agencies to include the Bagong Pilipinas hymn and pledge during weekly flag ceremonies.

MANILA – Malacañang’s directive requiring all government entities to play the Bagong Pilipinas (New Philippines) hymn and pledge during flag-raising ceremonies needs active civic participation and collective action, according to a director of the Local Government Development Institute.

In an interview on Monday, political analyst Dr. Froilan Calilung said the order puts emphasis in building a stronger country and is not a mere mind conditioning, as critics claim.

“It is good to understand the concept of Bagong Pilipinas because as we look at it, it has a very promising and beautiful vision but also a little bit ambitious,” Calilung said.

He underscored that consciously and subconsciously instilling “social change, development and a fresh start” is crucial in the success of the campaign.

Calilung, also a political science professor at the University of Santo Tomas, stressed the government cannot use the same modalities in aspiring radical change to happen.

Memorandum Circular No. 52, signed by Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin on June 4, directs all government agencies to include the Bagong Pilipinas hymn and pledge in the conduct of weekly flag ceremonies.

The directive covers all national government agencies and instrumentalities, including government-owned or -controlled corporations and educational institutions.

Calilung is hopeful the campaign will boost a sense of urgency and political will, strong leadership and effective governance to make the necessary reforms among government agencies.

“Bagong Pilipinas is indicative of a new beginning like we are always excited if there is something new. We have to see institutional reforms to reduce corruption and increase efficiency in order for the people to rally behind the administration,” Calilung noted.

The next administration needs to see that this movement is worthy to be emulated as a template for governance, he added. 

Pot Chavez (PNA)