Don’t lie about trip details, Bureau of Immigration reminds travelers

2023 May 15

MANILA – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Monday advised travelers to be honest with their identities and avoid lies as these are red flags or doubtful signs that may affect their international trips.

In a statement Monday, BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco said passengers who make up details about their travels are often flagged for misrepresentation.

“If you lie about your identity, your background, or the details of your travel, then it could be a reason for our immigration officers to doubt the legitimacy of your trip,” he added,

Tansingco issued the statement following a social media post about a passenger who was prevented from boarding her flight four times in April for misrepresentation.

“Initial investigation revealed that during an attempt in April, she claimed that she was employed by a large real estate company in the Philippines, even showing documents purportedly issued by said company,” he said.

But upon checking with the female passenger’s alleged firm, it was learned that her purported certification, as well as other documents, were fraudulent.

Tansingco noted it is a common modus of illegal recruiters and human traffickers to provide fake documents to victims to make their travel seem legitimate.

“If you are traveling for legitimate purposes, then there is no reason to lie,” Tansignco said.

Ferdinand Patinio (PNA)