Filipinos urged to live out our ancestors’ vision with integrity

2023 June 10

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. 


MANILA – President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Monday expressed solidarity with the Filipino people in commemorating the 125th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence.

“This historic day confirmed what our forebears have religiously kept in their hearts: That we are the inheritors of the glorious heroism and nobility that our ancestors have demonstrated throughout our long and storied history,” he said in his message for the occasion.

Marcos also encouraged Filipinos to assert this freedom and strive for excellence and integrity in all aspects of life.

“Later, with new oppressors and challenges, our people remained defiant–affirming that it is our core to defend what is ours. And with all that, this occasion symbolizes and entails, we understand better now that liberty will not flourish on its own; freedom will not materialize unless it is declared boldly, believed sincerely, and demonstrated passionately,” said Marcos.

Marcos said in an age where battles remain, it is necessary to take the immeasurable courage and loss that came out of the country’s heroes.

“For this, I challenge each of us: On the 125th year since the declaration of our freedom, let us assert our liberty day by day. In everything we do, let us pursue excellence and integrity with the knowledge that we are living out the visions our predecessors held on to and the comfort they toiled for,” Marcos said.

Poverty, inequality 

As he led the commemoration of the country’s Independence Day in Quirino Grandstand, Marcos vowed to address the “un-freedoms” in society such as inequality, poverty, and inadequate economic opportunities.

In his speech, Marcos said that while the Philippines already evolved into a vibrant republic, the country still has a “long and daunting journey ahead to fulfill the dreams of our forefathers.”

“It is said that there are many un-freedoms prevailing in society that stand in the way of human development. These are the corrosive political and social conditions that make the nation not as free as we would like to profess and to believe, such as poverty, inadequate economic opportunities, disabling rather than enabling conditions, inequality and apathy,” he said.

Marcos assured that the government will strive to remove these “un-freedoms”.

“We will aim to feed the hungry, free the bound, and banish poverty,” he said.

Marcos said the administration will implement policies that would foster a highly conducive and enabling environment that will allow the full development of Filipinos.

“We have laid down the Philippine Development Plan for the next six years. We will implement such with vigor and with consistency. In this administration, the government will be responsible.I have said it before and I shall say it once more, I will be with you in that long and uphill road to achieve that dream of freedom-freedom from hunger, freedom from neglect, freedom from fear,” he added.

Marcos, however, said achieving these goals will also require the cooperation of all Filipinos.

“So once again, I appeal for unity and solidarity in our efforts to perfect our hard-fought freedom and achieve genuine national progress.Heeding this call will indispensably require patriotism and strong sense of community, intelligence, industry, and responsibility from all our citizens,” he said.

“This is our single desire: to be genuinely free by achieving full development as a single, united, and indivisible Filipino nation.”

Marcos also vowed that the country will never again be subservient to any external force.

“The heroes of our liberation will be proud now that we have thrown off the ominous yoke of domination, never again to be subservient to any external force that directs or determines our destiny,” he said.

During the celebration, Marcos likewise led the wreath-laying and flag-raising activities at the Rizal National Monument. 

PH Development Plan

In a separate Facebook post, Marcos also assured that the government will focus on the implementation of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP).

The PDP 2023-2028 is a plan for deep economic and social transformation to reinvigorate job creation and accelerate poverty reduction by steering the economy back on a high-growth path. 

Anna Leah Gonzales (PNA)