Free certificates of eligibility to fresh grads, 1st-time jobseekers

2024 July 1

MANILA – The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has reminded fresh graduates and first-time jobseekers aiming for government positions that it is offering Certificates of Eligibility (COE) at no cost.

In a Monday news release, CSC chairperson Karlo Nograles said under Republic Act (R.A.) No. 11261 or the First Time Jobseekers Assistance Act (FTJAA), government agencies shall no longer collect fees or charges from a first-time jobseeker (FTJ) requesting common pre-employment documents.

“We all know how overwhelming it can be to apply for a job for the first time, especially when completing documentary requirements. Offering free pre-employment documents to qualified first-time job seekers not only makes government services more accessible but also expands employment opportunities for Filipinos,” Nograles said.

Pursuant to the FTJAA, the CSC issued Resolution No. 2000363 on February 2020, offering one original and one authenticated copy of the COE free of charge to first-time jobseekers applying for career service positions.

This resolution applies to first-time applicants who have taken and passed the Career Service Examination, as well as to individuals with civil service eligibilities under special laws and CSC issuances.

To request a COE free of charge, a first-time jobseeker must meet the following criteria: they must be a Filipino citizen actively seeking employment, and they must obtain and present a barangay certification verifying their status as a first-time jobseeker.

Civil service eligibles may then bring the barangay certification to any of the 16 CSC Regional Offices nationwide, regardless of their place of examination, to request original and authenticated copies of the COE at no cost.

Additional copies are subject to the current fees of PHP100 per original copy and PHP50 per authenticated copy of the COE.

If the CSC records show that a person had applied for a COE in the past but has not yet been employed, and is still eligible for the benefits provided by the FTJAA, they may still be granted the COE without any charge.

FTJs are expected to report back to their barangay after obtaining employment to monitor the implementation of the law.

“The CSC hopes that by providing complimentary documents to FTJs, applicants will be encouraged to apply in career positions and join the 1.9 million public servants serving in various offices nationwide,” Nograles said.