Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr vows future-ready maritime industry on Seafarers Day

2024 June 25

MANILA – As the world celebrates the Day of the Seafarer 2024, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday reiterated his administration’s thrust for a “modern and future-ready” maritime industry in the country.

In a message posted on social media, Marcos paid tribute to Filipino seafarers who he said are “considered among the best in the world, driving the growth of both the international shipping industry and the global economy.”

“Therefore, with grateful hearts, we celebrate the many achievements and contributions of our Filipino merchant fleet as we celebrate the Day of the Seafarer for this year,” Marcos said.

The President added that his administration, through the Department of Transportation, will continue to advance the country’s maritime industry and secure the best interest of all Filipino seafarers.

“Let me reiterate the full support of this administration as we strive to reach our goal of having a modern and future-ready maritime industry. To help us reach this objective, we recognize the role and efforts of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) by promoting a highly skilled and competitive maritime workforce as well as adopting an effective and efficient maritime administration governance system,” Marcos said.

“I laud the MARINA for complying with international standards and keeping at par with other nations when it comes to this specialized industry. This year’s theme is a clarion call for us to share the best practices that help make the maritime sector a better, safer, and more fulfilling workforce for our seafarers,” he added.

Celebrated every June 25, the Day of the Seafarer is an annual celebration organized by the International Maritime Organization to recognize the valuable contribution seafarers make to international trade and the world economy

It was established in a resolution adopted by the 2010 Diplomatic Conference in Manila to adopt the revised Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping Convention.

Nearly a quarter of all the world’s seafarers are Filipinos.

Darryl John Esguerra (PNA)