Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr vows to steer Philippines toward progress

2023 June 12

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.


MANILA – President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Monday vowed to lead the nation in overcoming challenges toward a high-growth path as it recovers from the crippling effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The President led the country in celebrating the 125th anniversary of the proclamation of the Philippine independence with the theme, “Kalayaan. Kinabukasan. Kasaysayan.”

“Today’s celebration has taken a whole new different meaning, as we mark this occasion with renewed hopes and spirited resolve to rise anew as a nation, not from political oppression but from economic scarring engendered by the crippling and lingering effect of the pandemic,” Marcos said in his toast remarks during the Vin d’honneur at Malacañan Palace.

“That is why, as a way to honor our forebears, it is my duty as President to keep this house in order, and steer the country to a high-growth path whose effect will be felt by each and every ordinary Juan dela Cruz,” he said.

The President expressed hope that this year’s celebration and commemoration would be a continuing reminder to Filipinos that it is only through unity and solidarity as a nation that they can safeguard the freedom won by their ancestors.

He encouraged Filipinos to look at history as they set their sights toward the horizon, where the promise of a brighter future awaits the nation.

“It is our shared responsibility to foster a society that upholds democracy, social justice, and inclusivity, so that every Filipino can flourish and contribute to our nation’s growth,” he said. “From where our country stands now, we recognize that challenges will continue to test our mettle as a nation, but with unity and solidarity of the Filipino people, we can endure even another 125 years with our heads held high.”

Marcos also hopes the country could continue strengthening its ties with the members of the diplomatic community, as he called for ways “to take our relations to new heights.”

The President likewise invited colleagues in government and partners from the private sector to continue drawing inspiration from the courage and determination of our ancestors as they work to improve the living conditions of the Filipino people.

The Vin d’honneur is an official reception hosted by the President of the Philippines at Malacañan Palace, traditionally held on New Year’s Day and on Philippine Independence Day.

Vin d’honneur comes from the French practice, which means “wine of honor,” and takes place at the end of inaugurations, speeches and ceremonies.