Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr wants 95% of government transactions to be done digitally

2023 May 31

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. disclosed on Wednesday that his administration is pushing for more digitalized transactions in all government agencies including that of the local government units (LGUs) to provide seamless and accurate service to the Filipino people.

In his speech during the 86th Anniversary of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) in Pasay City, President Marcos said that all government agencies and LGUs should fully embrace the digitalization of business transactions to meet the demands of their complex operations.

“Given the demands of these complex operations, it is highly crucial that digital transformation be fully embraced, especially in this era of rapid technological advancements. And we must ensure an efficient organization, accuracy, reliability and security of data using the state-of-the-art digital tools that are available,” the President said.

“Now, that for me, would be a very, very good target for all of our agencies in government and all our departments in government down to the LGUs. And we can say that 95 percent of the business of a citizen is done digitally, through the internet, including that of government,” he added.

The President emphasized that the GSIS is already leading an example in terms of its digitalized operations.

“GSIS turns out, leads the way. Congratulations for that,” he said.

President Marcos also noted that it is the Filipino people who will benefit from the digitalized transactions in the government as he emphasized that “this will not only improve the delivery of services, but will boost the satisfaction, morale, and productivity of government workers.”

The GSIS Touch mobile application and the GSIS Pabahay project in Quezon City were also officially launched during the 86th anniversary of the agency.

President Marcos said that the GSIS Touch mobile application is a very good example in terms of the digitalization of business transactions in the agency as it allows members to comfortably apply for loans, view records, track payments and check account status, among others.

“But you have pushed it even further in your public service. Increasingly cognizant of your corporate citizenship, you have ventured into high-impact corporate social responsibility initiatives that leave a significant mark in our communities and make very major changes in our people’s lives,” he told the GSIS.

The President also highlighted the solidarity of the GSIS to the administration’s socio-economic agenda such as the bringing of the KADIWA Para sa Manggagawa store inside their premises.

Meanwhile, the chief executive explained that the GSIS Pabahay project consists of three 20-story modern condominium buildings, which were built for qualified GSIS members and their families in a bid to address the housing gap amid the rising real estate prices.

“So, I thank the GSIS for doing so, and for offering these viable options to its members to ensure that no one gets left behind,” he said.

“In our consciousness and collective effort to make sure that no one gets left behind in our road to economic transformation, I take this opportunity to enlist the active and continuing support for the GSIS regarding special matters,” he added.

The President said that the innovative and cost-effective housing solutions are most welcome and highly commendable of his administration. *PND*