Philippines, US Marines hold tactical combat care drills

2024 June 14

TACTICAL COMBAT CARE. Philippine and US Marine personnel join the “tactical combat casualty care” (TCCC) exercises at the Bonifacio Naval Station Grandstand in Taguig City on June 12, 2024. The Philippine Marine Corps said Friday (June 14, 2024) the TCCC is part of this year’s Marine Aviation Support Activity slated from June 3 to 21. (Photo courtesy of the PMC)

MANILA – Filipino and United States Marines medical troops have conducted “tactical combat casualty care” (TCCC) exercises as part of this year’s Marine Aviation Support Activity (MASA), the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) said on Friday.

In a statement, PMC spokesperson Capt. Marites Alamil said the event was held at the Bonifacio Naval Station Grandstand, Taguig City on June 12.

PMC regular troops and reservists took part in the TCCC, along with the members of the US Marine Corps, Alamil said.

“TCCC covers three phases: care under fire, tactical field care, and casualty evacuation procedures,” she said, adding that the event featured demonstrations and practical exercises on TCCC.

Participants engaged in simulations to provide care under fire, assess injuries and patient status, apply tourniquets for massive bleeding, and safely carry patients to secure locations.

Alamil said a demonstration of the “Valkyrie” or fresh whole blood transfusion was conducted, showcasing advanced techniques in field medical care.

The TCCC is designed to acquire knowledge and skills in health emergency preparedness and response capabilities to any situation and in a real-world combat scenario.

The MASA, set from June 3 to 21, is an annual bilateral military exercise focused on mutual defense, strengthening relationships, and rehearsing emerging aviation concepts.

Priam Nepomuceno (PNA)