‘Safe, efficient’ Philippine airports one step closer to reality – Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr

2032 May 6

‘A STEP CLOSER’. President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. (2nd from right) meets with Global Infrastructure Partners in London on Saturday (May 6, 2023) to discuss ways how to improve the operations of Philippine airports. Marcos said the government is now “one step closer” to realizing its bid for “safe, efficient, and sustainable” airports in the country. 

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Saturday expressed confidence that his administration is “one step closer” to attaining its goal of providing “safe, efficient, and sustainable” airport services in the Philippines.

Marcos made the remark after his meeting with officials of New York-based Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), one of the world’s largest infrastructure investors, in London.

“Our vision for safe, efficient, and sustainable airports in the Philippines is one step closer to reality,” he said in a Facebook post.

Marcos had the chance to have a tour of London Gatwick Airport, which is co-managed by GIP.

His meeting with GIP executives enabled the President to get an idea of how to fulfill his bid for “world-class” Philippine airports.

“This learning experience has provided us with valuable insights as to how we can develop the truly world-class airports we aspire to build in the Philippines,” the Chief Executive said. “We had a productive meeting with Global Infrastructure Partners, the company behind Gatwick Airport’s exceptional infrastructure, technology, and operations, and were given a tour to explore some of their best practices firsthand.”

The GIP, founded in 2006, is a leading global independent infrastructure fund that administers USD87 billion in assets on behalf of its investor base.

It seeks to invest in power and utilities, natural resources infrastructure, air transport infrastructure, seaports, freight railroad, water distribution and treatment, and waste management.

As the largest owner of private airports, the GIP has particularly cemented its position as the leading British airport operator transforming London’s City and Gatwick airports and Scotland’s Edinburgh airport into highly profitable and comfortable terminals.

The Office of the President, in a separate Facebook post, said the GIP has expressed its commitment to invest in the Philippines to improve its transportation system efficacy, increase renewable energy production, and advance digital transformation.

Marcos has pledged to improve the operations of the country’s major airports, including the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City, to ensure ease of travel and strengthen the country’s tourism sector.

He made the vow, as he acknowledged certain challenges at the country’s major airports, such as space limitations and insufficient technology in processing travel documents.

Marcos already ordered the creation of a team that would lead government efforts to improve Manila’s airport services.

Ruth Abbey Gita-Carlos (PNA)