The Garden at Ciudad de Victoria

The Garden at Ciudad de Victoria

as the most ambitious project on a 140-hectare enterprise zone, Ciudad
de Victoria 
sits prominently in the
towns of Bocaue and Santa Maria in Bulacan, Philippines.

rural utopia encompasses the national pride of the Philippine Arena, the world’s largest domed arena with a seating
capacity of 55,000 alongside the three hectares and 22,000-seater of the Philippine Stadium; two hectares of Philippine Sports Center, and most
recently an Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel
dedicated on May 18, 2018.

forward, the public will see the second phase development which will include the Eraño G. Manalo (EGM) Medical Center, an
11-storey 1st class modern hospital- a first
of its kind in Northern Luzon with 1,000-bed capacity; the New Era University
Bocaue Campus, with specialization in sports science, architecture and medical
education; and also additional hotels & residential developments.

The plan envisions
a more artistic future for a prospering city of Victoria.

Inaugurated in July 2014, the vast property is currently owned by the Iglesia Ni Cristo(INC), a Christian religion, through its educational institution, the New Era University, and operated by Maligaya Development Corporation.

a green space tucked inside Ciudad de
Victoria, one that is comparable to world-class facilities: The Garden. Here it celebrates the symbiosis
of plants and flowers and imitates its natural habitat—featuring the dynamics and
craftsmanship of landscaping.

grounds are meticulously cared for and
quite breathtaking, with scattered themed gardens and koi pond – a perfect
place to switch off, relax and reflect.

It awaits a beautiful exploration…

The Flower Glass Dome is bathed in natural light, providing an inviting ambiance. Add to that visual experience is the subtle floral and geometric patterns, lending a contemporary vibe. The Dome’s canopy is a welcome treat in the heat of the summer.

For the admiring public, the
Covered Walkways provide a necessary relief and protection from inclement
weather and intense sun and heat during the remainder of the year.

Time stands still at the Japanese
Koi Pond
, which keeps watch at the
confluence of the Zen garden. Surrounded by artisan stone works, waterfalls and
ponds, a romantic bridge suggests expansiveness of the whole place.

 Its adjacent Zen garden exudes tranquility.

Exploring inside the Light Tunnel at dusk is like peeking into an enigmatic realm of peace and quiet.  When the sun sets, colorful lights brighten up the dry landscape.

Exploring further inside,
there is the fascinating array of cacti
and succulents
at The Garden—spectacular because they evolve in the most
extreme environments in the world. They store water in their flesh and can
withstand drought quite easily.

A few interesting facts on these: some cacti plants have spines that
protect them from predators. It is said that these plants will flower only when

looks an ordinary garden from outside, but one can find palpable happiness and
inner peace for its royal arrangements.

 Ciudad de Victoria
offers a free Merry-go-round rides
for all ages. The rides may not be the ones one can expect from famous
amusement parks but should be just enough to skip a heartbeat for joy. For
some, it takes you to someplace in another time.

The place offers a serene
and tranquil beauty suitable for engagement photos, or simply Instagram-worthy
events. Since its inception from last year, The
Garden has been vastly improved with the opening of its Phase 2, an enchanting
park teeming with exotic flowers.

The Garden also houses the Animal Kingdom where one can find exotic animals like porcupine, wild boar, chimpanzees, lions, donkeys, alpaca, albino carabao, crocodiles, camel, bear cats, different breed of snakes and birds and horses.

The Garden, which was conceptualized by INC Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo and was under the supervision of INC General Auditor Glicerio Santos Jr. has transformed into a haven not only for tourists but for families, as well.

Chris Dimond, of PWP Landscape Architecture, the landscape architect of the Ciudad de Victoria and its premises, explained the consistency of its landscape beauty--the curvilinear system of formal trees and covered walkways echo the elliptical form of the Arena connecting two arrival areas, two plazas and a grand stair that leads to the arena.


PWP Landscape Architecture, the landscape architecture of the Ciudad de Victoria ( shows the varying distances between trees, creatr spaces, scale, and qualities of light)

With all the development
happening over at Ciudad De Victoria, there will be soon a mega bus terminal of
the north that will decongest traffic in EDSA plus an assortment of structure
to be built together with The Garden it will blossom to be the newest tourism
mecca of the Philippines.

It is
no wonder when Ciudad De Victoria becomes the new Bulacan Global City (BGC)
competing aesthetic, tourism, and economic progress with the development of the
south. Soon.

When visiting Philippines,
see The Garden at the Philippine
Arena. It is open daily from 8am to 11pm.

After all, there is more fun in the