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AFP Chief regrets shutdown of ‘Hands Off Our Children’ FB page

MANILA – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Thursday expressed regret over Facebook’s decision to take down the page of “Hands Off Our Children”, whose advocacy is to prevent minors from being recruited into organizations espousing violent extremism. In a statement, AFP Chief-of-Staff, Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay, acknowledged that the page was instrumental to...


Malacañang thanks Carpio for praising PRRD arbitral win assertion

President Rodrigo Duterte defended the Philippines' 2016 arbitral victory on the West Philippine Sea in his first speech at the UN General Assembly.
Duterte said the arbitral ruling “is now part of international law, beyond compromise and beyond the reach of passing governments to dilute, diminish or abandon.”
“We firmly reject attempts to undermine it,” he said